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Bea Lissima

Artistic Director

For the past 17 years Bea Lissima has been strutting on stages across Turtle Island. This Moh’kins’tsis born maven has performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender in Las Vegas, the Asian Burlesque Festival in New York City, is the 2023 winner of “Best Burlesque” at the Imperial Burlesque Competition in Montreal, and was recently crowned 2nd Runner Up at the Pacific Northwest Burlesque Festival. Combining intersex queerness, Filipino heritage, and disability into her performances, she creates a sacred experience for all those brave enough to witness.


Bea Lissima co-produces the show “G-String”, combining live music with burlesque in Calgary and is a mentor to BIPOC burlesque artists. She’s the leftist centrefold, the headliner that turns your heads, your pearl of the prairies, Bea Lissima!

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