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Karla Marx

Artistic Director

Meet Karla Marx, the First Comrade of Your Heart! She’s no decadent capitalist queen – she’s a Glamour Comrade: a hard core Socialist revolutionary … of love. She has the eye of the tiger and the mouth of a teamster!

Karla is the mother of the Marx Werk Ware Haus. You can catch her emcee and perform across Calgary, as well as stages across western Canada. She has toured the U.K., and France as a comedian, host, burlesque artist, and drag performer. Karla recently performed at the Hollywood Burlesque Festival, and was voted Canada's Best Burlesque Host by Imperial Burlesque Canada.


Her view of the art of drag is shaped by a few key principles. First, all drag is valid – every person should be welcomed in the drag community regardless of gender, sexuality, or race. Second, after every show she does she wants the audience to wonder “What the f*ck did I just see?" and "Did she really just do that?”


Karla is a drag queen, burlesque artist, MC, writer, director, comedian, artistic director of photography and fashion, and a working transfemme model. She is proud to be a board member and artistic director of Cabaret Calgary Productions.

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