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Curious about Cabaret Calgary?

Find out more details about each of our ongoing productions, from the past and present, in the descriptions below. Links to the socials pages are attached when available. Scroll down to see unique shows we have created that are available for booking! Stay near the top of the page to see a selection of fabulous shows to dazzle your date, have fun with your friends, or share with your staff.

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The Chandlier Club

Welcome to The Chandelier Club! 

Every Wednesday, three burlesque artists will weave through the audience as they thrill, delight, and intoxicate the senses. Tingle with anticipation, watching as person by person becomes part of the show, and the dancer saunters over to play with you ...

Delicious cocktails and legendary classic burlesque performances will give you a night to remember!

Celebrating with us? Ask about the VIP packages.

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Leopard Lounge

Harken back to the glory days of Hollywood, Vegas, and pop culture from the 60s to the 90s ... and then hear an old drag queen tell you Tall Tales about the way things *really* were!

Don't miss this camp, comedy sketch show that brings the glitz and glam right down into the gutter!

Shows are monthly at The Attic Bar & Stage


gogo battles

Do you often reminisce for the glory days of GLOW, Hair bands, WWE, arcades, neon? Get ready for Calgary’s nonstop fan fueled thrill ride! A night of dance, battles, and dance battles!!


A smash hit from go - each night the earth will shake when the most powerful, unstoppable forces clash for the ultimate title of GOGO CHAMPION, carried by an epic soundtrack

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Tick Tock! These divas are on the clock!
Burlesque is back at Twisted Pride Pub - Don't miss this hilarious improv burlesque event hosted by Karla Marx and Bitch Sassidy.

In the first set, performers strut their stuff as they undress to impress with one of their signature performances, but in the second set we give them a surprise musical mashup that those beautiful babes have to improvise to! 

From sea shanties to hip hop to opera to techno and more, the audience and the performers won't quite know what hit them.

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What do rockin' bands and sultry burlesque babes have in common?

Bringing rad local bands together with badass burlesque babes every month to rock your world with tunes and teases. 

Set one is a neo-burlesque show

Set two we combine the band and burlesque in one explosive event

We sleaze as we please.

Tickets in advance or at the door

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pageant Show

It's peddle to the metal as four burlesque babes strip, strut, shimmy, and tease their way out of their costumes and into your hearts (and votes) to claim the illustrious title for this *satirical* awards show, an honour bestowed only once at Ill-Fated Kustoms' intimate event space, The Prairie Emporium.

But no one leaves empty handed! Participation trophies will flow for hilarious attributes such as
'Best Left Tit'
'Tiniest Underwear'
'Most Impressive Fumble'
and more, as bestowed by you! The audience!

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Frothy Fruits

At Citizen, we like our fruits frothy!

Frothy Fruits fills up on a Sunday at Citizen Brewing with none other than the endlessly talented Drag and Beauty Queen Karla Marx at the wheel!

A combination of brunch, beer, and of course drag, join us on the patio to soak in some sun, sequins, and sip suds with your buds! Get there early, seats are limited and fill quickly!

Stomp the house down beers hennie

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Morning Glory Brunch


Wake up! Rise up! And get ready to grab two servings of MORNING GLORY!  Burlesque and Brunch have teamed up for a rousing mid-morning spectacle that you won't want to miss! Nestled in the warm confines of The Attic Bar & Stage in artsy Inglewood, this brunch features good food, great drinks, and a delectable selection of Calgary's finest burlesque performers.

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haus of trash

Y'all ready for a show? Haus of Trash is a Calgary based drag collective serving you camp, comedy, and nonsense every month at Dickens Pub, the home of all things alternative in YYC.

Glamourous? Yes. Sometimes.

Hilarious? Definitely.

Offensive? Don't bring your mom. Or do.

Trashy? That's our brand, baby!

Calgary's best night out? Only if you like fun.

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Summit of Sin

An annual celebration of burlesque which brings together the burlesque communities in Calgary, AB and in Golden, BC to put on an evening jam packed with joyous, thoughtful, bold, tender, silly, and serious acts created by the folx who keep these communities and this artform alive and well.

A night for us


Calgary’s weekly erotic cabaret features a rotating roster of elite drag, burlesque, circus, and comedy performers. Intimate, playful, and always unexpected, Crème promises to arouse your senses and desires. 


Come try something a little different every week.

Available for bookings

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JukeboXXX is a bi-weekly rock n roll extravaganza shaking the house at Dickens Pub in downtown Calgary.

Produced by Ivy La Fleur and Bea Lissima, this electric event features performers from across Alberta! Showcasing our love of anarchy and gritty good tunes, we are uniting burlesque and draglesque under one punk rock guitar squeal.

Jukeboxxx will blow your hair back with raw rock n roll performances through bodacious bods.

Available for bookings

cougar cabaret

Transporting the audience to the frontier days, our high kicking Can Can girls, breath taking singers, and sassy drag queens will show you just how wild the west can be. Make sure you stick around for
our spectacular burlesque extravaganza at the end of the night.

Available for bookings

reading the rainbow

Darlings, the library is OPEN … for drag! Join your host, Karla Marx, and a monthly special guest for all the glamour, comedy, and intimate drag you can handle. Get to know the performers during Q&A chat during the show. This is drag in your face, and in your lap! 


Available for bookings

Brilliance Cabaret

Nestled in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Brilliance Cabaret is Banff’s hottest show! We celebrate all elements of grand cabaret from bodacious burlesque beauties, devious darling drag, unsettling sideshow, magnificent musicians, clever comedians, a circus of circus! Every Friday night, we bring you dinner and a show! Something new that will stay with you forever. Surrounded by the stunning opulence of The Radiant.

Available for bookings


~a late night raunchy rendezvous revue~

Not ready to go to bed? Neither are we. The night is well under way, and we are ready to play...with you. This is when burlesque, circus, musicians, comedians, and drag artists are set loose to do as they please, wherever they please.

Think you're ready for it?

We promise not to bite.

Available for bookings

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