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The Aviary

One Day Workshop

November 18, 2018

Over the course of the day, Miss Randi Lee and Bitch Sassidy will be offering several classes designed to further develop performance artists of all levels, with a special focus on intermediate to advanced performers.


If you are unable to attend these classes, we also offer private coaching sessions. With our combined expertise in dance and theatre, we will work with you to bring your performance to the next level.

Spend the day with us! Special full-day package for $75.00




Classes will be held in the lovely

Havana Social Dance Studio, located at

4310 Macleod Trail SW

Calgary, AB

*Parking is available out front as well as locally at the World Health Calgary Gym.

*Transit from the 39 Ave C-train station and local bus routes.

Class Descriptions

Dance Tech
Act Development

Dance Technique for Burlesque

with Miss Randi Lee

Take your burlesque to the next level by backing it up with a strong foundation. Combining elements of jazz, ballet and contemporary, this class is designed to improve your technical ability.  Improve grace and posture as you work through several useful exercises encouraging focus and control in different areas of your body. Add polish and poise to your performance, whether it is slow and sensual or fast and fiery.

This class is not recommended if you have no previous dance experience as it will be fast-paced.

Be sure to wear tight fitting activewear and bring a water bottle.

Feel free to bring dance flats or work in bare feet.


Duration - 1 hour

Price - $20.00

Level - Intermediate/Advanced

Act Development

with Bitch Sassidy

Electrify the stage in this act development workshop with Bitch Sassidy. Through in-class discussions, and thoughtful, physical exploration we will work as a group to heighten individual acts. Blending techniques used by actors, this class will guide you on how to engulf yourself and the audience into your story and your acts.

Please come with a notepad, writing utensil, and ipod/mp3 etc with headphones, and music you are or have created a solo act to.


Duration - 1 hour

Price - $20.00

Level - All levels welcome

Stretch and Strength

with Bitch Sassidy and Miss Randi Lee

It takes strength to be sexy! More than just a workout, this class will cover exercises you can take home with you to improve your flexibility, core strength and cardio. Incorporating elements of yoga, pilates, jazz and aerobics, we will show you how to use every part of your body to be a stronger, stretchier performer.

All levels are welcome but please note the class will be challenging. You will need to notify us in advance of any past injuries as this class is quite body intensive.

Be sure to wear tight fitting activewear and bring a water bottle.

It is optional but highly recommended you bring a yoga mat/knee pads.


Duration - 1.5 hours

Price - $20.00

Level - All levels welcome

Stage Makeup

with Miss Randi Lee


Stage Makeup

Don't let stage lights fade your glow! Pick up tips and tricks on how to amp up an image to stand up and out in every show. Learn practical techniques that can translate into daytime or evening wear. Classic looks to highlight your features and character!

Tools required for participation will be sent in a confirmation email.

Duration - 45 min

Stage Makeup Price  - $15.00

Level - All levels welcome

Vintage Hair - Beehives

with Bitch Sassidy

Vintage Hair - Beehives

Want a little oomph to your 'do? Learn proper techniques for backcombing your hair a little or a lotta! Add in easy Victory Rolls, create a tameable mane, and have the know-how to do it multiple shows in a row without destroying your hair. This is an awesome addition to go-go gigs, themed parties, or amping up your own statement.

Tools required for participation:

  • Bobby pins

  • Comb/Backcomb brush

  • Hairspray

  • Dry Hair (clean or dirty)

  • Optional: Hair Flower

**Hair supplies will be available for purchase, please let us know if you require any when signing up**

Duration - 45 min

Vintage Hair - $15.00

Level - All levels welcome

S and S

Attend all 5 classes for $75.00

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