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Bold As Brass Endowment


The Bold As Brass Endowment, or the B.A.B.E., is in support of local alternative artists in and around Calgary, AB. The B.A.B.E. is presented annually to a local artist to help further that individual's craft, and strengthen the arts and culture community in Calgary. Funds are raised through donation and auctions throughout the year. Contributions can be made via e-transfer or in cash. Receipts will be given. Donations to auctions are also very welcome.

All artists (animation, calligraphy, ceramics, conceptual, artistic design, drawing, folk, graffiti, graphic, illustration, mosaic, painting, performance, photography, sculpture, stained glass, tapestry, video, etc) are welcome to apply!


If you or someone you know would like to apply, please send an email telling us about yourself and your art, include photos, videos, etc if possible!

The artist is chosen through a panel of professional artists in Calgary representing a variety of expertise. Nominations are also encouraged.


Babes of yesteryear

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