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Reviews and Testimonials

I’ve been in burlesque for over 20 years and traveled the world doing it! My experience with Cabaret Calgary Productions was definitely a highlight of my career and a partnership I hope to return to. The beauty, drive, creativity, and attention to detail, in their productions stand out, as well as the thoughtful and stellar treatment by the producers is inspiring and has helped make Calgary one of my favorite destinations to return to. I would recommend them to handle your production in an ardent heart beat! 

-Amber Ray


As a performer, there are so many things you worry about before you arrive at a venue. Will there be enough space for my giant suitcase? Are the staff excited to have me there? Do the producers know how to run an evening? Cabaret Calgary answered all those questions extra affirmatively!!! From a performer or audience perspective you're in for an evening that has been crafted with care and excellence. Acts delights, and the atmosphere is cultivated carefully. Not to mention the restaurant space is just lush. I am still dreaming about those prawns....QUALITY!

-Mx Bukuru


I've been to some of Caberet Calgary's live shows and watched some of their online shows. My husband and I really enjoy how professional and beautiful the shows are. We look forward to many more shows in the future. I highly recommend Cabaret Calgary for entertaining shows.

-Cheryl Cooper


Cabaret Calgary dives into every dream you could ever have. From dance battles to your favorite taboos, they bring shows to the next level. I never know what I will see when I head to one of their productions, all I do know is I will leave smiling. 

Hell I've saved so much money not going to shows [during covid] I was able to buy a hot tub ha!

-Brian Moore


I am consistently blown away by the quality and professionalism of numerous shows I've attended. Both in person and online are fantastic experiences. I would highly recommend their shows to anyone that is a fan of the arts. There's something for everyone!

-Michael Schmidt


Working with Cabaret Calgary has always been dreamy. I love them as a team for their inclusion, diversity, creativity and passion. Their shows are always well received by an excited, welcoming and vibrant audience, that as a performer, makes me feel so deeply supported! From the casting to the backstage etiquette, I'm always proud to be part of one of their productions!

-Lola Frost


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